Sunday, June 03, 2007

Catch Up

1. Sienna is becoming more independent by the day---I am amazed at how much personality she has at just 17 months....she is so not into holding my hand, she wants to do everything by herself, but she still loves giving hugs and kisses and lately she has started giving really tight hugs around the neck that just make you melt!!

2. She started a new form of "dancing" this instead of just bobbing her knees up and down and moving her head side to side, she has started twirling in little cute and no one taught her this, she just feels the beat and starts going :)

3. Friday night we had pizza with our neighbors in the cul-de-sac next to was so nice to just relax, have a margerita, watch the kids play and enjoy the beautiful weather. Saturday night we went to our friend's house and hung out while the kids played. I love that Summer brings everyone out of hibernation and we all feel the need to socialize again :)

4. Mom and I saw Georgia Rule yesterday---it was terrible!! It makes me so angry to take 2 hours out of my day (which I NEVER get to do) and then be severely dissapointed by the movie...

5. I am so grateful that I got into scrapbooking and that I have been introduced (via the internet) to such inspiring women.....I absolutely LOVE Ali Edward's style and her whole philosophy on life art---very inspiring to me lately!!
6. This picture is from our trip to New Orleans last month----so much fun to get beads for Sienna and take her picture on Bourbon Street (I finished up our New Orleans mini book yesterday)

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Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Kristy! :) I love summer, too, and all of the socializing that goes with it. The days are so much more's NICE. :)



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