Friday, May 25, 2007

Signs of Summer

This was my loot from Target today!! After Sienna's bout with the stomach flu on Monday, I thought we were in the clear, but Johnny must have caught the bug and now he is layed up in bed after a terrible night.... So Sienna and I left the house for awhile and headed to Target for a little pick me up or two :)
We came home with the cutest blue ice cream dishes, 2 new books for Summer reading, a big, clear old-fashioned lemonade pitcher, lots of fun red, white and blue decorations, a new straw and leather bag for all our Summer essentials, some body wash, bath cream and sugar scrub in a yummy orange and honey scent, a bug, floppy garden hatm garden gloves and garden clogs (a first for me) and of course a big carton of goldfish which we must ALWAYS have on hand!! And I also was lucky enough to grab the last little pink clock in the store so that hopefully this weekend I can get to work on my little project for the YTR class.....
I am looking forward to eating outside, popcicles in the sun, and using our new pool all Summer long. I still have a few things on my Must Have list: curtains for the porch to block out the intense rays, some spray paint to freshen up one of our wicker chairs, new cushions for the porch furniture, a new outdoor rug and a new umbrella for the picnic table. Hmmm, maybe I will be able to cross some of those items off my list after this weekend??
Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all!!

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