Wednesday, April 25, 2007


ok, so I got on a role the other day and decided to get in the "studio" and make some stuff.....
(1) the first photo is the Appril LO for my Heidi class
(2) the second photo is the little album I made for Our Celebrations---such a great idea (thanks Heidi) to have a place to jot down what we served, who came, what favors we gave, what worked, what didn't and ideas I want to try in the future
(3) the third photo is the All About Me LO I did as a response to the challenge over at the Goodie Box blog (
I love that I am getting in on the action over there when it is first getting started so I don't already feel like I can't catch up :) this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun...very inspiring and hopefully I can learn from the other ladies that are participating
the journaling reads: at 30 years old, i am a wife, a stay at home mama, a home owner, a life artist----i spend my days at target instead of the courtroom and i may never practice law again and guess what......i wouldn't have it any other way!
(4) the last photo is the gift I am giving to my Mom for MOther's Day----it is a magnetic board that I altered so my Mom can change out the photos of her two beloved grandkids as she gets the newest and cutest.... it was so much fun to make and I hope she loves it!!
So all in all, a pretty darn productive week creatively speaking.....
FYI, I am so loving the new Martina McBride song "Anyway" it says so many of the things I want to teach Sienna---I definitely see some of the lyrics on an upcoming LO :)


diane said...

cute projects, it is always nice to get on a creative kick.

dragonflydreamer said...

I love your party journal. I am so behind I completely forgot about this until I came across yours. I have alot to do this weekend to catch up. I really enjoyed your blog.


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