Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine Love

At home sick today with an ear ache and sore throat, but remembering Valentine's Day so fondly....... We woke up Wednesday morning and my precious husband cooked fresh waffles and had put balloons on the back of my chair and Sienna's high chair in the kitchen!! Later that day, I found pink and yellow tulips on the front door step and we shared a wonderful lunch at Capitol Grill (just the 2 of us). My gift was a massage at the spa in town, so after enoying that, I came home, we put Sienna to bed, and fell asleep on the couch about 15 minutes into French Kiss (with Meg Ryan) :) The perfect day for 2 people very much in love and 2 parents exhuasted from a busy 13 month old! I am so blessed to have such an amazing little family.

For Heidi's Year to Remember class, she challenged us to tell the people who are dear to us that we love them more often and to make an effort to let them know how much they are appreciated. I realized that the person in my life that doesn't get nearly enough praise and recognition is my wonderful husband. Of course, I tell him that I love him at least 20 times a day, but I am also guilty of nagging and "reminding" just a little too much. I think after taking care of our little one all day, when he comes home, I sometimes expect to be the one taken care of and I forget that he is tired too.... that he has worked all day and that he needs to have some time alone sometimes to just relax and feel comforted. So I am going to tell him more often what a great husband and father he is, how much we appreciate all of his hard work, and let him be the one taken care of for a change.....

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day!! Your kitchen is so beautiful. I know what you are talkin about with the hubby and being more appreciative. It took us a little bit to find that balance, cause when he would get home from work I was the same way and sometimes I still am.


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