Monday, February 19, 2007

Collin Cowie

OK, did anyone else see him on Oprah today? Yes, I am still madly addicted to Oprah and I try to watch her show as often as possible (thank you TiVo!!) I got to watch the show in real time today, and it has got me all excited about cleaning out the clutter around here. Collin Cowie's apartment was pretty darn crazy---I mean I am definitely NOT into the whole modern look, but the organization he had goin' on is right down my alley! I am a sucker for cabinets with matching plates, bowls, cups, platters, etc... all lined up in pretty little rows.....and his gift closet gave me some great ideas as well. He also talked about keeping an orderly closet and being a ruthless editor (getting rid of items you haven't worn in a year, etc...) and about sending thank you notes...something I am a BIG fan but often not very good at. my goal is to clean out and organize my closet this week, get all of my stationery in one location and ready to go, send out a couple little notes to friends, and get going on the invites for my Book Exchange party. One of the things Oprah talked about today was how important it is to "use your good stuff NOW" and not wait for a "special occasion." Every single day is a special occasion and LOVE is definitely in the details!!


Anonymous said...

oh Kristy that is such a cute picture of you two!!

Jackie said...

I love your blog, thanks for putting the happy mail together, it is so much fun. I saw Oprah too & loved it! I totally agree with using your good stuff now.... we are good enough for the good stuff. Nate Berkus, another fav of mine, is on O today, I can't wait.


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