Friday, February 09, 2007

Mail at my doorstep

So happy to come back from running errands this morning and find not one, but two little packages on my front door step---no it wasn't a Happy Mail package just yet, but I did receive my Cocoa Daisy kit for this month and the tags I ordered from Rebecca Sower's etsy shop :) They are so very lovely and I can not wait to find the perfect place for them in my art room.

It's funny b/c my Mom has been into vintage things for as long as I can remember. She even has 2 antique booths in a town nearby and she loves a good estate or garage sale. I, on the other hand, have rebelled against all things "vintage" until fairly recently---I hated going with her to dig through piles of other people's stuff and antique stores were frankly a little creepy to me :) But lately, I have been cultivating my own love for vintage = old photographs and paper and ephemera and buttons and spools and transferware and yellowware bowls. I am beginning to appreciate things that have a history or that were lovingly hand-made. The things I have purchased along the way are some of the most treasured items we have in our home---funny how we do end up just like our mothers :)

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Anonymous said...

Thats awesome, Im waiting for mail love. That LO is really cute! I LOVE antique stores!! They dont have any good ones here in Utah, I usually go to them when I go visit my Mom in California.


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