Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's not even lunch time yet and already I have gotten tons done!!
1. Got my Happy Mail packages shipped off
2. Had a Soy Chi Tea Latte at Starbucks
3. Listened to the audio from Heidi's class
4. Got Sienna down for her morning nap before 11:00am

Job well done :)
Now depending on how long the little missy decided to nap, I am planning on.........

1. Jotting down some notes in my journal about my Creative Manifesto (prompted my ALi Edwards)
2. Decide what's for dinner tonight and then actually make it
3. While Sienna is playing, start sorting out my family heritage photos into categories---I recently picked up Becky Higgins' new book about Scrapbooking your Family Heritage and I am slowly but surely trying to get a system together to start trying that. I don't want to let it get overwhelming, but I thought I would get all the pics in one central location, organize them into categories and start jotting down some ideas about pages I want to create and what I want to say about the family members that came before us------I also have been thinking about doing a page or 2 about mine and Johnny's lives as children..... maybe getting some thoughts down about things we remember and what our dreams and goals were and looking for some pics to go with them????
4. Watch my Tivoed Oprah from yesterday---Mom called to say it was about a very messy family and how they got super organized!!! She knows how much I LOVE organizing and there is nothing I like more than seeing someone go from super unorganized to super organized!
I mean I got a serious thrill looking at last month's Martha Stewart Living magazine where it showed her basement in all its organized glory = HEAVEN!!!

SO, that is what I plan to do with this rainy, overcast, cold day---hopefully I will get at least a few of those things done in between diapers, snacks, laundry, dishes and story time :)

** the picture above is an old window shutter that I just hung in my craft room after getting utterly tired of seeing it in a corner---I slipped some pics into the slats and put some on with glue dots :)


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Diane said...

such a cute idea!


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