Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Johnny and I were out on the town last night---we went to see a Maverick game and it felt so strange to be in Dallas without Sienna, doing things like we used to do in the "old days" :) So I had to Tivo the Oprah special last night about her Leadership Academy in South Africa, and I just got the chance to watch it this afternoon---so very inspiring!! I have such a mixture of feelings after watching it---I feel sad for the girls that didn't get chosen and I feel so proud of Oprah and her team and the difference they are making in the lives of so many little girls, and I wonder where I can begin to give back just a portion of the many blessings I have been given. How amazing it would have been to be there for the opening----to see the joy on those girl's faces!

Heidi Swapp's assignment for us this week was to focus on Gratitude and it is amazing how you begin to really see the blessings in your life when you choose to actively seek them. I am grateful for many things big and small and I can't wait for our Art Challenge this week so that I can make a LO focusing on just some of those blessings.

Two quotes that I have really been focusing on lately:

"What you focus on expands" and

"Love is in the details"

I was so inspired by the fact that Oprah chose every little detail for the Girl's Academy down to the sheets and plates and art and uniforms and even the brick color for the buildings because she belived those girls were worth the effort. I love that !! I believe that they will rise up to meet her expectations because of the love and respect and tenderness she has shown them.

So now the task is to not simply be moved by what I saw, but to find a way to use my own life and my own skills and my own heart to reach out and improve the lives of others in my own special way......

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Anonymous said...

Oh I wanted to watch that and I missed it. Im sure it was a heartbreaker. Your little daughter is SO beautiful!!


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