Saturday, March 03, 2007

Productive Day

So today I got a facial, bought some stuff at Michael's and Office Depot for my Heidi class, played with Sienna and cleaned out the fridge from top to bottom (the entire fridge--drawers and all!!!)... I have been reading "Feeling at Home" by Alexandra Stoddard---when I can squeeze in a few pages---and it is really a great book. I didn't discover Alexandra until about 2 years ago, so now I am going back and reading some of her older books and this one is really inspiring. It's all about how our home has an energy and how important it is to make the necessary changes so that we feel comfort and love and peace in our home whenever we are there.

I have always known this to be true and I am always tweaking our home to make it work just a little better for our family. I love it! Just yesterday I bought a $30 table at Ross and put it in a corner of our living room that needed a little sprucing up, and it made all the difference---it now sits beside a chair with a lamp on it, a pitcher (to fill with flowers) and a small frame. It made such a difference in the room---made it so much cozier and it cost next to nothing (i really need to take a picture of it and post....).

She also talks about the importance of fresh flowers and plants in our home. I so love fresh flowers and I just don't buy them often enough. This week, in my ever evolving quest to make this a Year to Remember, I am going to pick up some flowers at the grocery store and arrange them in little boquets around the house.

I hope wherever you live that you find as much comfort, joy and peace in your home as I find in mine.....

O and here's a picture of Me, my Mom and Sienna outside the mall the other day--I saw these beautiful flowers outisde the window and I made everyone go out there for a little photo shoot :)

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