Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things I am Lovin'

So I recently started a "Stuff" minibook a la Ali Edwards about the things in my life that may seem little, but that make my heart smile when I look at them. So along those lines, here are some things that are making me smile lately.....

**Alexandra Stoddard books

**Magazines---as usual :)

**Inspiration from blogs

**Organizing my craft room---I saw the idea on Martha and decided to separate my
tools in different little pretty cups, bowls, etc....

** Happy Mail idea

**My daughter is successfully switching to the sippy cup slowly but surely!!

**My husband in a buttoned up shirt with a yummy sweater on top = total hotty

**Oprah is supposed to be a great show today

** Pulling a Christmas card out of the bowl on our kitchen table each night to pray for that family before dinner

The small things are always the biggest......


mary said...

fun... i need a bulletin board! mary

Heather said...

Awesome post. I will think about these things as well--love the prayer idea!

Kathy O said...

Hi, New to your blog and was taken with the idea of praying for a different family each night at dinner. That is just such a wonderful idea. I'm going to steal it if you don't mind. By the way, what is Happy Mail?

staceyfike said...

thanks for your comment on my blog!! i gessoed the cards and then just played, some i painted some i stapled etc....
thanks again!!

chanel said...

hiya, i am taking Heidi's class too ... isn't it great. I finally posted my LO today (i have been away so have been a little behind) how are you going with your goal?
looking forward to the Happy Mail .... sounds cool!


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