Sunday, January 14, 2007

Learning something new everyday

OK, so I am attempting to get more blog savy..... Who knew that scrapbooking would also vastly improve my comupter skills :) Other than using my laptop in law school for taking notes and now for checking emails and doing a little online shopping, I have gotten left in the dust technologically speaking. But in an effort to just put myself out there and not be afraid of learning something new (or asking A TON of questions) I am going to put my foot in the water by learning to link to other sites and by adding my list of Favorite sites on the sidebar---I know these are pretty darn minor, but for me, it is a whole new world. So........ thanks to my new blog land friend Lindsey I learned a few things today and this is my first post utilizing my new skills. Thank you Lindsey, I hope we can learn some new things together along the way in Heidi's class.......


Anonymous said...

this lindsey girl must be really cool! LOL! Good job!!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Kristy!

I saw your comment on my blog about the Happy Mail Exchange. I've never heard of that but it sounds very neat! I hope you can find out what you are supposed to do. :)



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