Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Creative Inspiration Overload

OK, so I am so grateful for stumbling upon scrapbooking this past year BUT it has led me in so many directions (blogs, books, websites, etc....) that at times it can become utterly overwhleming! I am so very new to all of this, yet the perfectionist in me wants to already be as wonderfully creative as the women I have now come to admire. It is so hard to see something that inspires you and then try to create your own version and then be dissapointed with the results..... While Sienna is taking naps, I try to cram in some creativity and more often than not, I end up beating myself up over the creation. Part of it is the sheer volume of inspiration--I will see a layout or mini-album or home decor project and want to have it done immediately---I guess I am having a little trouble enjoying the process :) I know it is important to focus more on the story and less on the embellishment aspect, but when the design isn't right it just doesn't have the feeling I want.

I know, I know.... so many greater problems in the world. I just have to keep plugging along and take some time to reflect on why I am doing this anyway. I want to tell the stories of our lives in a creative/artisitc way = NO PRESSURE.....

I am so excited about our Heidi challenge for tomorrow and I am thinking about playing along with The Dares and with Emily's Deck of Cards Art Journal Challenge..
As for my word to focus on this year : GRATITUDE (more on this later)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stoppin by! You can pester me all you want, I love it. Its nice to have someone to ask a question, Im always full of them. You'll get the hang of scrapbookin. It will become an obsession I must warn you!! I will definantly add you to my fave's and read up on you! I am totally excited for this class and new scrapbookin friendships. Have a good one.

Kim said...

Hi Kristie!

Thanks for visiting my blog! On my cards I just painted right on them - a couple of coats to cover - letting it dry in between. Have fun with your project - HTH - Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie!
I am somewhat new to the world of getting crazy with computers. As for the Banner, I designed it in Photoshop, then I had help putting it up and there is still a couple kinks that need figuring out. I can e-mail you about the links and the coding that you need.

chanel said...

Hi there, I am taking heidi's class too ... isn't it great. don't put too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy the journey and have fun. look forward to sharing the experiences together.


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