Sunday, October 08, 2006

Life is Beautiful Sundays

So we were at church this morning and it was the third week in the series "Getting Fit." The first week was on physical fitness, the second was on financial fitness and today was about mental fitness. The lesson was about how much junk we fill our minds with---paticularly television junk. Apparently, the average American watches about 4 1/2 hours of TV each day!! The challenge is to turn off our televisions one night a week and replace it with reading a book--preferably something spiritual and God-centered. It sounds easy, but immediately I thought "Not Mondays, that's the Bachelor, not Tuesday or Wed., that's Dancing with the Stars, and not Thursdays, that's Grey's Anatomy...." How pathetic is that!! So what I realized today is that I need to be much more proactive in what I allow into my mind----our thoughts become our LIFE! I don't want my daughter to turn on the TV every time she is bored--I want her to learn to use her imagination and stretch her mind and learn new things and play outside and determine her own thoughts about things. But I know she will learn by example and she will be watching to see what kinds of things I fill my mind with.
So in honor of today's lesson, I have decided to start Life is Beautiful Sundays. Each Sunday I will journal about at least 5 things in my life that remind me, no matter how tough things may seem at the time, just how beautiful life really is if we just take the time to notice........
1. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with wonderful people who are friendly, fun and interesting----I was reminded of that today at the Second Annual Chili Cook-off
2. The music in church today was so moving and powerful and I really enjoyed it
3. Every time I walk in to pick up Sienna after her nap, she looks up at me with her big blue eyes and smiles---she is happy to see me every single time and it is a blessing beyond words
4. Two of my very good friends had beautiful, healthy babies
5. Our pool is almost finished and it is so peaceful to sit in the back yard and listen to the water falling over the rocks


Jolene George said...

It sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for. That is good that you can look back and count your blessings.
I was reading one of your previous posts. I am so jealous that you got to go to the creative escape. I live in Arizona, but couldn't go because my grandson was due that weekend. I love Heidi and the gang at I know most of the teachers that you had. A bunch a great women! Did you go to scrapbooks etc while you were here?
I agree with you on the blog reading. I immediately know if I will like reading a blog when I see's fun stuff.

Jolene George said...

One more thing...I read down further and saw that you lost your brother. I am so sorry for your loss and I do understand how you feel since I lost my oldest sister 5 years ago. She was only 40. Your siblings are your dearest friends, so it's not something you can just get over easily. You really seem to have things in perspective.


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