Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkin Pictures A Plenty

OK, maybe it's the new Mom in me, but we have taken about a thousand Pumpkin Pictures this October and I am loving every minute of it. I so love the Fall--everything about it. I remember when Fair Day would roll around and I would get so excited about going to the fair with all my friends and getting a corny dog. We missed the Fair this year (the first time in a long time), but we did make it by the local pumpkin patch---I have been excited about taking Sienna to the patch since the day she was born. Something about the cool air, the pumpkins, the hay, the scarecrows just signals happiness to me. I know Johnny doesn't quite get the same kick out of it, but he happily indulged me on this little outing as well as for the "photo shoot" in our front yard. This seaon also reminds me how much I really like the color orange. I didn't realize it until recently when someone commented on our orange stroller, but I really do have a lot of orange stuff, not to mention I went to UT and my high school colors were orange and white (yes, we are the yellow jackets).
Fall also makes me want to organize!! We cleaned out the garage last weekend and I organized Sienna's closet a few days ago----I bagged up three bags to give away and filled up 2 more bins to keep. Now I am on to tackle my closet, the guest room closet and the craft room closet. I was thinking recently about how much we are all expected to do each day. Not just the everyday "To Dos" on our lists, but the really important things like: having a quiet time and exercising and helping our children grow into wonderful human beings and getting our finances in order and volunteering,.....sometimes it can seem so overwhelming that I end up doing nothing. SO i have really been thinking about where to start and I realized that you have to clean out the clutter (literally and figuratively) before you can move on to the next step in your goals. When you are freed up to move on, then you will.


Jolene George said...

I love fall's such a feel good season. The picture of you and your daughter is just beautiful!!

chanel said...

cute picture,i know what you mean about so much to think about in life .... so much to juggle when you are a mother too! enjoy your day


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