Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I love reading other people's blogs---which is strange given that I didn't even know what a blog was until not so very long ago.....and I have quickly become very discriminating in my blog perusal. I can tell right away if I am going to enjoy reading someone's blog and there are certain blogs that I re-visit time and again. I know some people don't really get the whole blog thing. My mother, for one, can not understand why anyone would care what was going on in the lives of complete strangers. I must admit that I see her point, but if I am being very honest, I would have to say that I do find it very interesting to get a peek into the mundane details of other people's lives. Granted, I only read the blogs of people that I can relate to in some way. I like getting scrapbook ideas, tips on organization and generally just seeing how other Moms pull off this great balancing act called LIFE. I have been inspired in so many ways during the past few months and I have felt a sense of connection to a greater community that I didn't even know existed before I became a Mom myself. There have been times that I read someone's blog and got up right in the middle of reading because I was moved into action by something that was said (One Mom was writing about the number of loads of laundry she had done that day, and I immediately went and threw in a load of my own).
I have great friends in my "real life," but we all have varied interests and very busy lives. Maybe because I am a new Mom and wife, I haven't made any close friends yet that share the same passions that I have---so for now, it is really exciting to get a glimpse into the lives of women who inspire me to create a life that gives me joy so that I can pass that on to the people I love.

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Chiara said...

reading blogs is part of my daily routine


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