Friday, June 02, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

It has been a crazy couple of weeks!! First, we headed to Destin for our first family trip to the beach. It was such a nice and relaxing week. Sienna put her feet in the sand and saw the ocean for the first time and we figured out that she has already been in 7 states in just 5 short months-pretty impressive!! On our way home, Johnny and I decided we want to take her to all 50 states before she turns 18. I am very proud of myself, because I have already finished our Destin scrapbook---nothing too fancy, but it is done and Johnny had a lot of fun looking at it last night.

After Destin (and stopping in Shreveport for the night to watch the American Idol season finale), we unpacked and repacked to head to Kaufman for the Memorial Day weekend. Another relaxing weekend and a lot of fun for me becuase I had so many "babysitters" to help me with Sienna :) We also had a ceremony for Presley, and we spread his ashes in the big pond out back. It was short and sweet and Mom even through a tennis ball in the middle of the lake at the end. We decided we should get a sign made that says "Presley's Pond." I still can't believe he's gone........

On Monday (Memorial Day) Sienna turned 5 months old and it was time to start her on cereal. OF course she LOVED it and has been eating every single bite as fast as I can get it to her mouth. Next week she will start on fruit (pears first) and I can't wait to see the look on her face!!
The funniest part of the week came yesterday when Sienna found her toes for the first time. She had already discovered her feet weeks ago and she has entertianed herself for hours just by holding onto them, but yesterday while I was talking to Mom on the phone, I looked over at her and she was straining her neck to get her toes into her mouth. It was hilarious because after she tasted them she sort of wrinkled her nose and then went right back to sucking on them. She has been trying to get them in her mouth ever since :) I am amazed and grateful for the little things!

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