Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My First Mother's Day

I am so grateful to my husband and my little girl for making me a Mommy! It hit me on Sunday that I really am a mother, I am really a member of the CLUB :) We had a Girls-only slumber party at my Mom's house on Saturday night where we ate way too much food and made a Family scrapbook with old family photos---so fun to look back at the big bangs! My aunt Linda even did a little presentation for my Granny (my Great-Great-Grandmother) who is 93 and looks more like 63. She read some of my Granny's journal entries about her life and then showed us her high schol diploma. We are so lucky to still have her in our lives.

When Sienna and I got home the next morning, Johnny had the breakfast table set with chocolate Krispy Kreams (YUM), a vase of pink tulips, 3 presents that he had wrapped all by himself and all of my Mother's Day cards. He got me a new camera, a new cell phone (red) and a full day of pampering at the new spa in town---I can not wait to use that one :) He also signed cards from Sienna and Presely and Bailey. Then we got ready and went into Dallas for lunch at Taverna and then to a park where we sat on a blanket and relaxed (great people watching). It was really a lovely and special day...........

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