Friday, April 21, 2006

I recently wrote in my daughter's journal that my goal for this Spring is to begin scrapbooking. I felt like if I actually wrote it down and sort of made it a promise to her, that I would have no way of backing out. The problem is I feel soooo far behind in the "scrapbooking craze!!!" I have been reading other people's blogs and even browsing through our local scrapbook store and all I can say is it is OVERWHELMING!!! When did scrapbooking become so darn complicated? Yet the thought that keeps running through my mind is that I want to teach my daughter to conquer her fears, to stretch herself, to go out on a limb and not be held back by her insecurities. It seems utterly silly to be stressing myself out about scrapbooking with all the really important things to worry about in this life. I just need to have a plan and break my goal into small, manageable steps.
1. I will get pictures out of my computer and printed
2. I will begin organzing photos chronologically
3. I will buy some cute photo storage boxes
4. I will begin scrapping Sienna's 1st Year (1 LO per week)
That seems doable for now.........
What I need to keep reminding myself is that the whole point of making albums is to preserve our family's history, to leave a legacy for our daughter and the children that will come after her (hopefully)---it is not supposed to cause more stress but rather be a stress reliever.....
On a positive note, one thing that I have started that I am proud of: I embellished a plain black sketchbook with "Gussio Family Journal 2006" on the cover and I have been journaling and posting pictures in it of our everyday life----not just the big things (our trip to Angel Fire, Sienna's first Easter, etc...) but also the very mundane (tonight we had pasta for dinner and daddy held you with one hand while he tried to eat with the other,.....). I am planning on doing this every year so that we can look back at our life as a family and what our every day moments were like---A year in review that is quick and very easy.
Now off to get started on my above goals. I better hurry because the little one will be waking from her nap any minute :)
Have a wonderful Friday, Kristy

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