Sunday, April 23, 2006

Finding your Passion

I am a huge Oprah fan, and one of her favorite questions is "What is your passion?" I always felt frustrated by this question. When I looked at the list of things I enjoy (dinner with friends, movies with my husband, walks with our daughter, decorating, books, magazines, photography, organization) it never seemd grand enough. I thought I had to keep looking for something else. I thought I had to find my passion. But recently I realized, I don't have to keep looking. Those things I enjoy are my passion----they are the things that make me smile, that bring joy to my life. I am learning to relish the little things. To be satisfied with simple pleasures. Having someone depend on me night and day has made me slow down and really take a look at the kind of life I want to cultivate for my family: more walks, more prayers, more home-cooked meals, more traditions, more pictures, more hugs and kisses, more days at the park, more entertaining in our home, more singing, more laughter, more letters to friends and family, more fresh air, more sunlight, more flowers in the house and a whole lot less watching tv, criticisms, holding grudges and fast food!! I want my daughter to have wonderful memories of her childhood and I want her to see a mommy that is happy and fulfilled (at least on most days). I'm not unrealistic. I know there will be days when it is a struggle just to make it through--to get dinner made and the laundry done and the diapers changed without yelling at my husband :) but I am determined to keep my chin up and keep walking forward with the best possible attitude. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband (who happens to be outside organzing the garage at this very moment because he knows how happy it makes me) and an adorable daughter (who is napping peacefully in her swing right now so that I can blog away). Here's to life's simple pleasures!!!


Tawnya said...

SIMPLE is the spice of life! Seriously, it is all that keeps me going! So much of what is important is so simple but we keep looking for more. Love this entry! Just love it! So glad to have you in the blogging and scrapping world!

Hugs to you! T

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hi, Kristy! You know I agree with this post 100%..hence the title of my own blog. Love this post and your blog looks GREAT! :)



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