Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My New Idea

I was laying in bed last night holding my breath and waiting for my daughter to wake up----she has been going through this stage where she wakes up every hour and goes immediately back to sleep as soon as I put the pacifier in her mouth----actually she slept through the entire night last night, but I couldn't sleep b/c I kept expecting her to wake up at any moment. As I was laying there, this idea came to me: I decided it would be fun to sort of chronicle my journey into the great big world of scrapbooking (take pictures along the way and keep track of the ups and downs on my blog). Hopefully this will keep me inspired and make the whole process a little less intimidating :)
So far.........
1. I have bought A LOT of scrapbooking books and magazines
2. Bought A LOT of supplies at Target, Hobby Lobby, Gotta Scrap (local store) and online stores
3. Carved out a space in our laundry room for all the books, magazines and supplies
4. Read A LOT of scrapbooking blogs and persued many scrapbooking sites
5. Done one LO---I will take a picture of it soon to post b/c my scanner is not large enough for 12 x 12 paper

SO that is how my journey is shaping up so far. Obviously I have done a whole lot of thinking about scrapbooking and not a lot of actually doing it, but that is going to change soon. Now that I have some good ideas and some supplies handy, I am going to jump right in there. What's the worst that can happen, right??

On another note, I was tagged for the first time today. I have NO idea how to connect you to another person's blog (I'll have to ask someone), but here it goes......

5 Things

In your fridge
1. Soy milk
2. Pomegranate juice
3. Yogurt
4. Turkey for sandwiches

In your closet
1. Too many purses
2. A picture of my husband and I
3. My jewlery box
4. A box of wedding mementos
5. Too many shoes

In your purse
1. Starbucks card
2. Pacifier
3. Burp cloth
4. Small pink notebook
5. PIctures of Sienna

In your Car
1. Car Seat
2. Stroller
3. Diaper bag
4. Magazines and catalogs (I need to bring inside)
5. Stuff I bought at Target today (I need to bring inside)

That was fun!!!

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