Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life

I decided to follow along with Ali Edwards again this year, and document one week in our family's life. That means that I am taking the time each day to take photos of our everyday routines and schedules, and then jotting down notes along the way. Words + Photos.

To make it as simple and do-able as possible this year, I am only taking Instagram photos for this project (the "big" camera is waiting patiently on a shelf in the kitchen). And I am using Ali's daily sheets to keep a running list of what we did throughout the day, what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, my favorite moments, things I overheard, the little things I am grateful for, etc...

I really love this project! I know it is something we will all love to look back on realize how quickly things change, and how certain stages in our life that we thought would last forever were really just a blip in time.

Photos from Day 1

Photos from Day 2

A few notes about this project:
* I need to get myself in more of these photos = hand the "camera" over to the kids or Johnny or use the mirror
* I like that I am not taking hundreds of photos but rather simply hitting the highlights and getting a good snapshot of what our days really look like at this stage of our journey
* Not sure how I am going to incorporate the daily sheets just yet, but for this week, I am simply focusing on the documenting and will worry about pulling it all together next week

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