Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Our sweet little boy turned "3" on Saturday, and we celebrated at home with a Mickey Mouse soiree. Grant had been talking about wanting a Mickey Mouse party for months, and I spent the last 2 weeks hunting down everything MM I could get my hands on..........not as easy I thought it would be!!

Here's what we were able to pull together:

Four Generations

We were so blessed to have temperatures in the 70s on the big day (especially since the high here for tomorrow is 12 degrees!!). Of course now that I am looking back on all the photos, I realize I didn't get a shot of all the kids with their Mickey Mouse ears on, and I didn't take nearly enough photos of the birthday boy (he never slowed down long enough), but if the success of a party is measured by the smile on the birthday boy's face, then this one was a definite success!!

Happy Birthday sweet Grant.......we love you so very much!!

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Krysta said...

VERY cute party!


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