Thursday, February 03, 2011

keeping me sane

So today is the THIRD day that the kiddos have been home from school!! We did manage to venture out to Target for a bit this morning, but for the most part, we have been inside watching movies, eating popcorn, reading books, doing laundry, decorating the mantel for Valentine's Day, and just generally getting on each other's nerves :-)

My saving grace has been escaping to my new little "studio" where I have managed to steal a few precious moments for myself. And what better way to spend my alone-time than browsing a few of my favorite spots in blogland? Just thought I would share..........

1. For those of you doing Project Life (or for those of you thinking about doing Project Life), you MUST check out Mary Ann's video. AMAZING is all I can say. I am totally re-inspired to kick things into gear on the Project Life front!!

2. I have a new girl crush! I stumbled upon this blog yesterday, and I have been going through it like a mad woman in true blog-stalker style. I have felt like a big, frumpy, fashion-less mama for quite some time now, but this girl inspires me, she makes fashion look fun again.

3. Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It's a fairly new website that allows you to "pin" images from all over the world onto your own Pinboards organized into the categories of your liking.....basically, my idea of heaven on earth :-)

4. And just in case you are snowed in like us, and looking for a few ways to entertain the littles, here is a list that has come in quite handy during our unexpected "stay-cation".


ell.uu said...

hi. so, my husband, Isaac just sent me a link to your blog because he said we have a lot in common. he knows you from law school and said that looking at your blog was like looking at a list of all the things I love. he was right. i'm a fellow Pinterest addict, lover of all things design-related, SAHM with a serious addiction to crafting.

The Mother Huddle said...

So how have I never stumbled across that style blog? Sheesh!

I am in Texas too, and we might be hitting our limit :)

Thanks so much for the mention!


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