Wednesday, September 08, 2010

meet the teacher....finally

This little boy of mine has been waiting so patiently for his turn to go to "school." He has carried his back pack and nap mat around the house (and sometimes outside of the house) for weeks now. He tells everyone he meets, "I'm going to school!' And he asks me almost every single day if today is the day.

Yesterday was finally the day. He was so excited that he could barely finish his breakfast, and he loved riding with me to drop his sister off at school before we drove on to Meet the Teacher! He walked right in, sat down in one of the chairs and started tracing his hand on the coloring sheet. He told me over and over again not to leave, and he stayed very close to my leg most of the morning, but the smile never left his face!!

So tomorrow will be the first "real" day of school, and I can't wait to see how he does. I can't wait to see him walk into his own classroom with that backpack and nap mat he has been carrying around for weeks. I am so happy that it is finally his turn!!

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Kelli said...

How very sweet that it is finally his day! Great pictures.


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