Thursday, September 02, 2010

at 4 going on 5

* you love Hannah Montana (and I finally just gave in)
* you are super perceptive and absolutely NOTHING gets past you
* you are going to school five days a week
* you are and always have been a total mama's girl
* you are taking dance and soccer (and want me to sign you up for gymnastics too)
* you LOVE art and making "projects"
* you are sensitive and hate it when people laugh at you (even when they aren't really laughing at you but just think what you said was cute)
* you love being outside
* you are super-duper smart
* you like to organize things just like your mama
* you fight with your little brother on a daily basis but never go to bed without hugs and kisses and telling him you love him
* you have your own ideas when it comes to fashion (just as it should be)
* you love taking pictures and playing on my iphone
* you love jewelry and makeup and dresses and skirts and tutus
* you have the best smile
* you would probably watch movies and tv all day long if I let you
* you think it's funny when I tell you to "make it a good day" on our way to school
* you love going to school and you love your teacher
* you have daddy wrapped around your little finger (and you know it)
* you love going to the book store and you always pick out a book you think Grant would like
* you like saying prayers at bedtime and you always remind me if I forget to say "that was a beautiful prayer"
* you are a special, special girl and we are so blessed to have you


stacey woods said...

she sounds a lot like my own kiddo. i say "that was a beautiful prayer" too. so glad i discovered your sweet blog!

stacey woods said...
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