Friday, July 16, 2010

photo album scrapbooking

It's been awhile since I have done any sort of "real" scrapbooking. In fact, I haven't done a traditional layout that you slip inside a 12 x 12 album in months. For whatever reason (or reasons), I just haven't made the time. But I still love taking pictures, and I still love documenting our lives and recording our memories, so I have become a huge fan of Photo Album Scrapbooking = a mixture of traditional scrapbooking (on a much smaller scale) and simply sliding photos into 4x6 slots = easy peasy.

In May, our family took a trip to Seaside, Florida, and when we returned, I realized I had taken over 500 photos!! There is NO way I would be able to scrapbook all those photos in a traditional album (nor would I have any desire to do so), so instead I put together this Vacation album in about 2 hours total.

The Cover

The Title Page

Photos + Journaling + Leftover letter stickers

I threw in a few vacation themed stickers on a few of the photos

More photos + journaling

Still have some journaling to add in a few places

I used some of the 4x6 openings to "scrapbook"

Photos + Journaling

Entire photo spread

Another photo spread

This was so fun and so easy to put together, but it still documents and records our memories from the trip, and it's all contained in one neat little album. Love this method!!!


Shayne and Leslee said...

I absolutely LOVE this--I need to copy! So proud of you for whipping this together so soon after the end of your trip (I'm still trying to get an Italy trip from 2005 finished! Agh!) Your thoughts really inspire me, lady, so keep up the good work! ;)

Martha Yim said...

I found a photo album that was similar to the one that you used but the company no longer makes it. What is the brand of the one that you used?


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