Monday, July 12, 2010

over the weekend

1. We took the kids to a park to play, eat lunch and have Pinkberry (I love this stuff!!)
2. Johnny and Sienna went out on our boat and Grant and I met them for dinner
3. We went to church
4. I organized the kid's coloring books, sticker books, stickers, flash cards and educational materials, and finally labeled all the bins where they belong
5. I finished reading "Summer Island" by Kristin Hannah
6. I set up an "Errand Zone" in the kitchen by the phone that holds a notepad, grocery lists, coupons, mail to be dealt with and a binder for photography inspiration
7. Everyone swam in the pool except me......just wasn't into it this weekend for some reason
8. Johnny went to the grocery store!!!!
9. I actually followed through on one of my many threats to take away one of Sienna's dolls if she continued to disobey me = "Jessie" was not allowed to sleep with Sienna last night and instead, had to remain high up on a shelf until this morning
10. I took a ton of pictures of the kiddos

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