Monday, June 28, 2010

around here

1. We are spending LOTS of time in the pool.
Grant just finished his swim lessons on Saturday, and Sienna is cruising right along in her lessons at the Aquatic Center. I am totally amazed at what she has learned in just 3 short weeks!! She is swimming all by herself without the life jacket (until she gets tired and just wants to play), and she is totally into the whole swimming thing.....she looks forward to her lessons each week, and her teacher even said that she is a "natural" :)

2. We have been doing a lot of relaxing.
Grant will do almost anything for a yogurt and banana!! Thank goodness this kid is so stinkin' cute, because he is definitely a hand full.......he wants NO part of the whole potty training thing despite the fact that I purchased him the cutest Toy Story big boy underwear ever!!

3. We have been eating a lot!
I was under the impression that most people lose weight in the Summer, but apparently that isn't going to be the case for me....I have been on a major sweet binge lately, and as a result, my wardrobe is just a tad too tight for my liking.

4. We are WAY into the bendy bracelet trend.
Sienna is in love with them and wants them in ever color and theme available!!

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

in these parts they're known as silly bandz. now how come we couldn't have been as clever and come up with the idea first?


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