Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beach reflections

We had a blast again this year in Seaside, Florida!! Beautiful, warm, sunny weather and no oil in sight :)
We brought along our friend and next door neighbor to help out with the kiddos this year, and it really made all the difference in our stress levels!!

Some highlights:

Searching for shells on the beach

Celebrating a friend's second birthday

Flying a kite on the beach

Riding bicycles around town

Swimming at the pool

Swinging at the playground

Playing in the sand

Riding in a canoe

Splashing in the waves

Holding onto Daddy for dear life

We also made a trip to the water park, had our family pictures taken, painted pottery, ate ice cream, snow cones and cupcakes, drank an organic "green" drink that I am still having nightmares about, shopped at the outlet mall and even took a couple naps!! I am already planning next year's trip.......now if only we could do something about that drive home!!

1 comment:

Shayne and Leslee said...

LOVE the last pic--just gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great trip! Where did you find that photog to take your family pic?


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