Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ten on Wednesday

I saw someone do a "10 on Tuesday" post on their blog recently and thought it would be a cute idea........I forgot. Tuesday has come and gone, so here are my "10 on Wednesday."

1. I miss scrapbooking. I still buy a magazine every now and then, and cruise through a couple scrapbooking blogs, but it has been ages since I pulled out any sort of paper, glue, stickers, etc...and I miss it.

2. I thought this article was brilliant!

3. I adore Anna Quindlen. I am in the middle of her new book, "Every Last One" and it is terrific!

4. I am also reading "Growing Grateful Kids" by Susie Larson.......I just opened this one today so review to follow.

5. I did a complete organizing overhaul on our pantry the other day, and it makes me smile every single time I open the door now. It's amazing what a couple $7.00 plastic shelves can do for a space :)

6. I WILL be taking this course starting June 1st!!

7. I am in a total fashion rut these days......must clean out my closet, forbid myself from wearing the same 2 pair of jeans over and over again, and use the gift certificate for a local boutique that has been in my wallet since my birthday last year (August!!)

8. I ordered 2 swim suits from Lime Ricki this morning in anticipation of our upcoming trip to the the idea behind this company!

9. I am teaching my kids to take deep breaths when they are anxious, scared or angry. So far, so good.

10. Some favorite photos from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week

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Krysta said...

What a fun post! I really want to know about that book when you are done. I have been pondering the same subject with my children the last couple of days.

I also liked your "a week in the life" post. I've been trying to come up with a way for me to do something similar.

I love your blog. :)


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