Wednesday, April 21, 2010

around here

Around here we are:
1. Looking forward to getting a sneak peak of the bluebonnet photos we had taken by a friend yesterday

2. Playing in our new playhouse

3. Climbing on the giant mound of sand that was delivered to our house yesterday (we are in the process of leveling out parts of our back yard)

4. Looking forward to our upcoming trip to the beach

5. Documenting our week in words + photos (following Ali's plan)

6. Coming up with creative ways to deal with sibling rivalry and the "terrible twos"

7. Looking for a new book after finishing "US" by Lisa Oz

8. Spring Cleaning = organizing, cleaning out the clutter and getting rid of things we haven't touched in over a year

9. Thinking a lot about raising kids with a heart to serve the Lord by serving others = trying to lead by example by finding a place to volunteer my time/resources

10. Getting in shape mentally and physically as a family = more time outdoors, less time in front of the tv, more vegetables, more water, more deep breaths when we feel ourselves getting stressed, more walks around the neighborhood, more dinners as a family, more prayer, more expressions of gratitiude

11. Buying flowers for the pots outside

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