Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I have been on a bit of an organizing kick lately. It all started in the laundry room a couple weeks back........I spruced up things in there, and then moved on to my closet (filled 5 garbage bags this weekend with clothes and shoes to donate).

My yarn found a "new" home in a vintage wash-bin

The kid's art supplies are stored in matching, labeled bins

Today, I plan on attacking the ever-growing collection of books I have accumulated over the years. In the past, I have been reluctant to give away my books.....I am an avid reader, and something just didn't seem right about letting go of something that (1) cost a good bit of money and (2) brought me so much joy. BUT, I am turning over a new leaf today!!

Today, I read this: "If your books don't fit on the shelving you have, you have too many and need to either increase the shelving you have or cut down on the number of books," says Peter Walsh. "If you have a collection of items, make sure it adds to your happiness. If it's truly meaningful to you, it should be displayed, honored, and respected."

In our home, we have books in almost every single room, and many are stored in cabinets behind doors that we rarely open. Today, my task is to go on a "book hunt" around our house and to weed out the ones that no longer bring me joy, that I know I will never read again or that hold no sentimental value (some books I want to hold onto for the kiddos). For now, I am just going to focus on the grown-up books.....the kids have tons of books too, but for now, I think they are all fairly well "displayed, honored, and respected." Wish me luck :)

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Marisa said...

i love "decorating" with yarn. very cute!


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