Friday, February 19, 2010


At night, when my eyes begin to get heavy, and the words are beginning to blur in the book I'm reading, I usually set the book on the nightstand, turn off the lamp, and do a mental re-cap of that day's events. This usually turns into a nightly prayer.......thanking God for all the blessings in my life and asking Him for strength in the areas in which I am weak. I try hard to not let it turn into an opportunity for "mommy-guilt." I try hard to remind myself that while there were plenty of moments that didn't go as I had hoped, I can always start fresh in the morning.

Here are a few things I have been thinking about lately just before I slip into dreamland:

(1) I must be better prepared next year for wintery weather: if it weren't for the photos, I doubt Grant would even remember that his mother made him wear his sister's pink rain boots and purple mittens because she didn't have the appropriate clothing for him

(2) I read this somewhere in blogland recently, and it has stuck with me: "I treat my children the way I expect them to treat each other, if I yell and scream at them, I can see that reflected in how they behave with one another.".........I SO believe this! Now, must put it into practice!!

(3) My new goal, is to have a more fun, upbeat attitude during dinner. Dinnertime is not my finest hour......I am usually struggling to figure out what to make for dinner, the kids are running around like crazy people, I keep waiting for the back door to open and for my husband to walk through the door, etc..... By the time we all sit down to eat, I am generally frustrated and just ready for everyone to finish so I can clean up and start bath time. This is not OK!! I want my children to have fond memories of dinner time as a family. I want to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and fun and free of stress.........and the only way I can achieve that goal is to model that behavior for my children.

(4) I read an article today over at The Mother Huddle that pretty much sums it all up
Have you ever watched kids playing on a merry- go-round

Or listened to the rain lapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

Do you run through each day on the fly?

When you ask “How are you?” Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done, do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores running through your head?

Ever told your child, “We’ll do it tomorrow.” and in your haste, not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch? Let a good friendship die? Made a phone call, just call to say Hi?

When you worry and hurry through your day, it is like an unopened gift….

Thrown away.

Life is not a race. Take it slower.

Hear the music before the song is over.

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