Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Life

" Project 365" was my big undertaking for 2009....I took at least one photo (almost) every single day throughout the year, and tried to journal a little about what we did that day, what the photo represented or just some memory I wanted to jot down so I wouldn't forget. It was a lot of work, and there were times when I had forgotten to take a picture that day, and I was grabbing my camera at 9pm to take a shot of the dirty dishes :) At the end of the year, however, I was so very glad that I had put in the effort.....I love the end result!!

This year, I decided not to do another year-long project.....I wanted to get back to my "traditional" scrapbooking roots. I saw all the hype about Project Life on Becky Higgin's blog, and I resisted. But as the days flew by in January, I realized that I missed having a way to easily document my family's daily short story long :) I ordered Project Life and started working on it last night.
Instead of taking a photo each day, this year I am going to do a 52 week project. I will take photos when I feel like it, but I will also fill each week's pockets with the "stuff" of our life.....letters, tickets, receipts, school stuff, grocery lists, invitations, etc..... I know that I will take a least one photo each week (and usually hundreds more!!!), so I will just get back into the habit of developing photos on a regular basis, slipping them into the pockets, journaling a little and call it a day. So excited about this!!

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Marisa said...

congratulations on your accomplishment... i've seen so many people start this, but never finish!


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