Monday, January 25, 2010

my dream list

I mentioned before, that I am taking an online class right now that is all about turning your dreams into reality. We were recently asked to write down our wildest dreams, put the list in an envelope, seal it up and not look at it for a week...........until today!!

I opened mine this morning, and although I am a little intimidated to share the entire list, in the interest of being vulnerable, brave, flexible, open and trusting, I decided to share most of it here with you :)

Own a bookstore
Write a book & have it published
Own a home on the beach in Seaside, Florida
Learn how to knit
Travel around the world with my husband and kiddos
Build our dream home: lots of trees in the backyard, a porch swing, a red barn, a mud room, a craft "house," a playroom with chalkboard walls
Learn to ride a horse
Speak Spanish fluently
Create a home that is comforting, artistic, inspirational, fun, cozy
Build close friendships
Have people over to our home more often
Become a photographer & take beautiful, inspiring, touching photographs
Have beautiful photographs hanging in our home
Plant/Grow a garden
Host monthly "crafternoons" with cupcakes, candy & glitter
Travel around the world teaching other women how to create a life we love (documenting our journey, mommy balance, etc...)
Post videos on my blog (tutorials)
Have a long chat with Heidi Swapp
Have a craft studio that is in the trees behind our dream home
Be a fantastic mother
Have wonderful relationships with my children & enjoy every stage of their lives
Travel to Australia and New Zealand
Learn sign language
Take yoga regularly
Be calm, centered, at peace
Live a life with the Lord at the center
Be a mentor
Have an organized home that is filled with only the things we love or we use
Help others by finding a cause I truly believe in & volunteering my time
Have a blog that is beautiful & inspiring with lots of followers, lovely comments, where I can connect with like-minded people and we can inspire and encourage each other

Keep in mind that when I wrote this list, I set a timer for 10 minutes and just judgment, no stopping, no criticizing. This is the list that came to me during those 10 minutes. Here's to turning dreams into reality!!


tara said...

Kristy I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog tonight! I really love your list and it has me really thinking about what I would put on my dream list. We have so many similiar ones! :)
You have a new follower.
Take care!

Anton White said...

Hi Kristy,

Came across your blog through the course, Your list sounds great! Take yoga regularly-check out my yoga teacher through my site, she's amazing, also i'm from Nz but live in Australia so i'm also on your list!lol :) I'll get around to posting my list soon.

Have a nice day!


Melsa said...

wonderful dreams, wonderful ambitions.

May it all manifest for you:)

Gen said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing list! I think one of your dreams has already happened. The pictures you take are beautiful!


Heidi - on her voyage said...

Awesome list, Kristy, we have a lot in common as some of my dreams are the same on my MB list! So glad to meet you and thanks for having the courage to post this!


Becky said...

Kristy I just read your dream list and just realized that I want to start a blog of my own too, but up until now after reading it on your list and other Mondodreamers lists', I can't believe that I did not include it on my list. Maybe because I didn't think it was a "dream" rather just a thought - not sure if that makes sense or not, but blogging is what I have been talking with my husband about over and over again for the last couple weeks, why wouldn't I make it a "dream" and turn it into reality? Thank you so much for sharing your list - we share the "traveling with our kiddos" dream. And if I can offer advice on anything it would be to fulfill your "learning to ride a horse" dream - there are no words for such an amazing connection between a horse and rider. It is one of my passions and one that I have to devote more time to. My list is posted on
poco and blue are the names of my horses ;-)

Thanks for sharing,


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