Tuesday, January 05, 2010

looking back/looking forward

This past year, I didn't scrapbook in the traditional way as much as I have in past years....instead, I focused on taking one photo every day for the entire year, and journaling about our journey along the way (Project 365). I must admit, I missed a few days here and there, but overall, I am happy with the amount I captured, and I feel so blessed to have this little peak into our life in 2009!

This year, I am excited to tell the story of our lives in many different ways: through photographs, journals, scrapbooks, blog entries, lists, letters, etc... I just ordered a new book that I read about here, and I am really looking forward to becoming a "Storycatcher" this year!

"Story is really all we leave each other. Even the most precious heirlooms, including the ones I tend in my own home, will not last: someday they'll end up in an estate sale or a house will burn down or they will simply lose meaning. What has the most lasting value is the story of who we are, who we come from, where we aspire to go. What good this will do them, how stories of family will serve them in a future I won't live to see is a mystery. What I know, is that seemingly insignificant stories of my parent parents parents have meaning to me that they could not suppose; and this leads me to believe that my stories will have meaning in the future that I cannot suppose. So I gather and preserve stories and trust the mystery."

I am inspired and encouraged by this concept, and I am holding onto the belief that being the storycatcher in my family is an important, even vital role!!

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Mother Huddle said...

Okay, so I already left a comment on the cookies but had to leave another one! First you take amazing pictures, i love the idea of this 365 project, someone left a comment on our blog the other day that mentioned a kit for it, I am so excited to do it! Second, I lived in texarkana for awhile and always told myself we were going to go get pics in the wildflowers...never did, will always regret that.
Lat I love your word, haven't seen much of that one.
Mine is "Balance"
The hard thing about that word is it involves every aspect of my life...balanced, is that possible? We shall see!
okay, sorry for the novel!


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