Wednesday, December 02, 2009

thanksgiving recap

December is already here, and the snow is already falling, but the memories of our Thanksgiving in Mississippi are still close to my heart. Let's just say the drive there was something I would like to forget, but the rest of the weekend was filled with food, family and football.....just as it should be!! Sienna and Grant got to play with some of their cousins that they usually only see once a year, and they had a blast. I loved seeing them all playing so well together, and having so much fun. We stayed at John-John and Su-Su's house, and had a wonderful time (minus a few meltdowns from the kiddos being out of their routine).
Some highlights:
(1) Taking pictures at the Mississippi River bridge.....Johnny loves to do this every time we come to Mississippi, and it is turning out to be a fun little family tradition
(2) An unfortunate deer incident that I'm sure will land Sienna in therapy someday
(3) Seeing Mississippi State beat Ole' Miss
(4) Watching movies with Sienna in bed each night
(5) Taking pictures of Sienna and Grant throwing leaves at each other
(6) Watching Grant and Mary Cille sitting in their booster seats at the dinner table.....and watching Mary Cille try to pull Grant's hair and get a hold of him so she could pinch him :)
(7) Seeing Sienna paint pictures to hang on John-John and Su-Su's fridge (she is turning into quite the little artist!!)

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