Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the small simple things

Today, I am taking the time to notice the small, seemingly simple things that bring me joy:

1. My (almost) daily indulgence: grande, soy, extra-hot, no-water chi tea latte
2. Cooler weather beginning to emerge
3. A new magazine in the mail
4. Fall TV
5. Picking up newly developed photos
6. My new orange cinnamon candle
7. Watching my kiddos give each other hugs and kisses before bedtime
8. Looking forward to a new scrapbook class: "Yesterday & Today" with Ali Edwards
9. My squeaky-clean kiddos just after a bath
10. Looking back at photo and scrapbook albums
11. Looking forward to creating December Daily Albums with some friends at church
12. Seeing that someone left me a comment on my blog :)
13. Longhorn Football
14. A clean house
15. The joy I get from taking pictures
16. A great book on the bedside table
17. Seeing that one of my favorite blogs has been updated
18. Dinner with friends
19. Singing in church
20. A package on our doorstep
21. Driving up to our house and seeing the Fall wreaths on the door and the little "Welcome" scarecrow
22. Catching up with friends on Faebook
23. Finding the perfect quote:"Draw on the walls, Believe in Magic, Laugh A Lot, Celebrate Every Gorgeous Moment, Read Every Day, and Entertain you Inner Child!"
24. Laying my head on my husband's shoulder
25. CANDY!!


Sharone said...

I love how the simple things can be so special! Good for you for not overlooking them. :)

Jo@Mylestones said...

Great list! The simple small things add up, especially when we pile them together in giving thanks!
Allow me to add to it here with another comment on your blog. :-)

Erin said...

I love your list! I might have to do my own list on my blog... Fall is my favorite season & documenting my love for cooler weather & hot apple cider would be nice :-) P.S. I found your blog through the Blog Roll for Ali Edwards Yesterday & Today class.


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