Monday, September 14, 2009

it's my "thing"

So some friends and I were talking this morning about what we are passionate about.......what our "thing" is.......the stuff that wakes you up in the middle of the night, the activity you would do even if you didn't get paid to do it, the thing that everyone else thinks is completely crazy, but that you absolutely love. 

For some of us it is cooking (not me), for others of us it is gardening (not me), for some it is cross word puzzles (again, not me). For me, it is definitely scrapbooking and photography.......and all the things that go along with that: blogging, journaling, connecting with other women, learning, editing, making art that is meaningful. I just LOVE this stuff! 

Yet what I realized, is that I never feel like I am terribly good at it.......I look at other women and am in awe of their talent, but I would never put myself in the same category. I make mini books and scrapbook layouts, and then immediately put them on a shelf or in their proper album.....they are usually only viewed by members of my immediate family (and even then only seldomly).

What I know for sure, is that I love taking words and photos and paper and turning them into art. I love looking back over the things that I have created, and my deepest hope is that I will inspire someone to get out a box of photos and just start internal critic allowed!!

So here are a few of the layouts in Grant's scrapbook.  Definitely not magazine worthy, but they will mean something to him one day and that is all that matters!!


Anonymous said...

Kristi, I don't know who your critics are, but those scrapbook pages are absolutely fabulous! They belong in a magazine. Are they made with paper and embellishments or are they digital? Either way, they're fabulous. Way to go. I need to acquire some time to scrapbook. I am like you and absolutely love it, but seldom find the time to do it.


Stacy said...

What are you talking about silly girl...those are very impressive layouts and look better than some I've seen on websites and in scrapbook magazines. I also think you're talent or "thing" is photography b/c your pictures are fabulous and look like the work of a professional. Keep on doing your "thing" b/c you're good at it!


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