Friday, September 11, 2009

gearing up for Fall

Now that Fall is officially upon us, and the weather will (hopefully) be cooling down soon, I have lots of to-dos on the "List."
(1) Get out the Fall decorations from the attic and begin putting them up throughout the house
(2) Make a batch of pumpkin/cream cheese muffins
(3) Start collecting leaves on our walks around the neighborhood
(4) Schedule Christmas card photoshoot
(5) Scrapbook more!! (December Daily album, Birthday books, Summer layouts)
(6) Hang up new picture frames from Canton and the collages that I paid an arm & a leg for framing at Michael's
(7) Buy a few new items to spruce up the living room....this is the room that bugs me most in our home....something just doesn't feel "right" to me = needs a color scheme to pull it all together

I am also sending up lots of prayers about how I can achieve my dreams for the future. I have a passion for documenting memories, for making art out of our every day lives, for capturing our every day moments and preserving them in a way that is meaningful, creative and fun. I find myself waking up at night with ideas that I want to pass on to other women that might be interested in creative ways to capture their own memories. 

I want to teach!!

There, I said it :)

The only problem is, I have NO idea how to go about achieving this dream. No idea of where to begin or how to fit that part of my life into the part that is a part-time stay-at-home mama and a part-time criminal defense attorney??
Yet I am trusting in the Lord to lead the way........trusting that He will open up opportunities and guide me in the right direction.
I am open for suggestions :)

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