Wednesday, August 05, 2009


These photos were taken almost a year ago by my good friend Susan......she takes amazing pictures, and looking at these reminds me once again how obsessed I am with photographs!! I love taking pictures, looking at other people's pictures, putting photos in albums, making scrapbooks, hanging framed photos on the wall, etc....LOVE that we are capturing these memories forever!!

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katherinesmail1 said...

HI ya!!! From the moment I saw this post I said to myself--- my this JUST what our art time looks like --- gathered around the kitchen table, creating, laughing, having a messy-fun time. Isn't that what creating is all about? I know your kiddos will forever cherish all these special moments. Ohhhh and trust me we have a lot chaos during art time here too!! :)

I see you are in Texas-- we recently moved from the Austin area. :):) Nice to meet ya!!!!


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