Tuesday, August 25, 2009

home is where your story begins

I read that line in a magazine yesterday and it instantly resonated with me. I am definitely planning on making a scrapbook layout with the title "Home is Where your Story Begins" and including lots of photos of the little nooks and crannies of our house that make it our home. I can't wait to get out my camera over the next few days and start snapping pics of the special corners of our home. Here's the list I have in my head so far:

1. The rocking chairs in the kid's bedrooms where I have rocked them before bed on so many nights
2. The rows of colorful scrapbooks in our living room filled with all the layouts I have done since the kids were born
3. The craft table where we have spent countless hours drawing, eating, coloring, playing with play-doh, etc...
4. The bookshelves that are filled to the brim in almost every room in our house
5. The kitchen table where we try to sit down and eat dinner as a family almost every night
6. The beautiful sunsets from our backyard
7. The swimming pool and playground out back where we have spent many hours swimming, swinging, sliding, playing in the sandbox and running through the grass
8. The bed in our master bedroom where Sienna watches a movie almost every night before bed and where she climbs into almost every morning to snuggle with mommy and daddy before the day begins
9. The clock above our mantle that I gave to Johnny as a wedding gift with our wedding date inscribed on the face
10. The hallway with photos from the past 5 years in black frames with white matting and one of my favorite quotes on the wall

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