Thursday, July 23, 2009


* overwhelmed with photos and trying to design a system that will work for me (uploading, saving, printing, ordering, storing, scrapbooking, putting in photo albums, etc..)
* looking forward to Creative Escape
* trying hard to be present and "in the moment" with my kiddos....this is a hard one for me as I find myself constantly thinking of what I need to be doing next
* dying to see the season finale of the Bachelorette next Monday!!
* thinking a lot about the memories we are creating for our children...thinking about the kind of family we want to build and the kind of home life we want to create
* searching for ways to put God at the center of our family = looking for practical ways to teach our children about the Lord on an every day basis
* starting to think about our schedule when school starts.....coming up with a "chore list" for Sienna, getting us organized, ordering uniforms, etc...
* gathering all the materials to have a shadow box made of Sienna's first dance recital (ballet shoes, tiara, program, photo, costume)
* working on a photo book of our trip to Costa Rica

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