Monday, April 20, 2009

this weekend

This Weekend:
1. Took Sienna with me to take photos of Aunt Jenni's Birthday celebration
2. Worked all day at the Anatole getting the ball room ready for Mystique
3. Had a great time with the hubby and friends at Mystique
4. Stayed up until 3 am helping to load auction items into various SUVs
5. Spent the night away from the kiddos (for the second time ever) and enjoyed breakfast with my husband at the hotel
6. Created an "Art Door" with Sienna by hanging her newest art projects on her bedroom door....I LOVE walking past her door and seeing her creations!!
7. Fell asleep on the couch watching Desperate Housewives (I didn't even make it to the end!!)

Some photos from our weekend.......

She is all girl and he is ALL BOY!! She is very neat when she eats and doesn't particularly like her food to touch each other (hmmmm, I wonder where she got that???). Grant, on the other hand.....let's just say he thoroughly enjoys every single bite!!!  Especially his latest beans :)

1 comment:

The Russell Family said...

cute idea with the door you should post pics! :ove the pics of the kiddos!


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