Wednesday, April 01, 2009

full disclosure

My husband and I are definitely in the "No Spanking" camp.....we try hard to use other forms of discipline (time-outs, taking away privileges, etc...), but sometimes, restraining myself from spanking requires a little disciplining of myself!! If you are a Mama, I know you will understand when I say, sometimes it feels like the only thing that will do is a quick swat on the bottom :) So far, I have done pretty well....that is until 2 days ago. Sienna was being particularly difficult, and after working all day, I just didn't have the energy to distract her when I saw her going down the path of a major 3 year-old temper she had one, and I swatted her on the bottom. I think it took us both my surprise, and the look on her face just about broke my heart!! So we proceeded to have a little discussion about how her behavior wasn't appropriate and then I said "Mommy apologizes for losing her temper with you," and she said "That's OK Mommy, we'll find it again tomorrow."

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