Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

I LOVE Easter....next to Christmas, it is definitely my favorite holiday!! What could be better than a holiday that celebrates our Lord AND incorporates pastel colors, bunnies and lots and lots of candy!! This year, we had all the festivities at our house. Sienna and Grant got baskets from all the grandparents as well as the Easter bunny, so needless to say, we have more candy at our house than on Halloween :) 

Sienna's Easter basket from the Easter bunny: she was so excited this year to see everything in her basket (especially the pink converse!!)
Grant's basket from the Easter bunny: this year, Sienna was more excited to see what was in Grant's basket than he was, but he did love the plastic eggs, and he carried them around all day long
Grant's very first Easter egg!!
GaGa helped Grant fill his basket while the big kids ran around grabbing everything in sight!
Sienna had a BLAST this year....this will probably be the last year that she was happier with the eggs that had candy in them than she was with the eggs that had money :)
We really had a wonderful day...it turned out to be beautiful weather, the kids had fun hunting eggs and making crafts and we just enjoyed being together as a family on such a special day!!

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