Monday, April 13, 2009


This past Saturday, we made our annual trip to our favorite Bluebonnet patch. I LOVE this that it is such a "Texan" thing to do, love that I can look back over our bluebonnet photos from the past and see how we have grown as a family. Of course, I always have grand plans in my head of how the photos will turn out, and with 2 small kiddos, things rarely go as planned, BUT I am really happy that we made the effort, got the kids dressed and in the car and that we will always have these photos and these memories...........

My Mom hates using a camera (especially my big, complicated one), but while Johnny was running around with Grant, I convinced her to take a couple shots of Sienna and I.

The one shot we got of all four of us (thanks Mom!!)

Sienna LOVES her Dora umbrella, so I used it as bribery to get a couple cute shots :)

My sweetie pie in the bluebonnets....

I am ALWAYS trying to get a photo of my kids together, but somehow, it just never turns of them is either crying or pulling the other one's hair or running out of the picture...but I still LOVE this photo!!


The Russell Family said...

LOVe the pics and I see those flip flops! :)

Alijoy said...

Beautiful - I wish we had a field of flowers like that!


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