Friday, March 06, 2009


This is what things were like at our house last week......lots of laying on the couch, Motrin, DVDs, chicken noodle soup, tears (Sienna's and mine), coughing, sleepless nights and Lysol.
And this is what we are thinking about at our house this week: SPRING!! We are all feeling much better.....getting the itch to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, to take walks, play at the park, bake more cupcakes, listen to the birds, invite friends over to play, freshen up the house and be thankful for our health.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. A great book ("The Middle Place" by Kelly Corrigan)
2. Seeing my little boy take a few steps on his own
3. Scrapbooking.....I am working on a little book all about what makes our house a home and it really has me thinking about the kind of home I am creating for my family
4. Getting a new batch of photos to add to my Project 365 album
5. Being a part of Rockwall Women's League and meeting so many new friends
6. Every single day, I am grateful when I hear my husband walk in the door from work
7. Beautiful weather
8. Yellow and this combination
9. Knowing that when I am feeling anxious, I can go to the Lord in prayer and ALWAYS feel so much better
10. Sprucing things up around our of my most favorite things to do


The Russell Family said...

sweet post! love the pic of your lil princess! :)

Paper Bling said...


LOVIN' your banner and blog! Your kiddo is darling and I'm glad everyone is feeling better.



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