Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new list

I've been in a creative rut lately......I've hardly done any scrapbooking, and I just haven't been in the mood to drag out all my supplies after the kids go to bed. I have been looking into digital scrapbooking again.....it's so much easier to just pull out my computer, do a little work and then shut it down (no muss, no fuss!!) The problem is, I'm not exactly computer savvy, so it's a work in progress :)

I've also been spending way too much time looking at blogs and other inspirational sights. There is definitely a fine line between being inspired and feeling like the life has been sucked right out of my brain!! Once again, it's all about BALANCE!!

I did see a cute idea on one of the blogs I read regularly and here is my take on the challenge:

32 before I turn 33:
1. Take a knitting class (hopefully, I can check this one off my list tomorrow)
2. Take Sienna to the Dallas Museum of Art
3. Bake cupcakes with the kids
4. Hang up all the photos on our Family Wall going up the stairs
5. Clean out my drawers and closet and keep only the items I really LOVE
6. See "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
7. Read "Things Good Mothers Should Know" by Alexandra Stoddard
8. Order a large, framed photo of Grant from his 1 year photo shoot
9. Go on a Girl's Weekend with friends from law school in May
10. Order several pieces of art from etsy to hang on the empty wall in Grant's room
11. Take our annual vacation to Seaside
12. Make hand print canvases for Sienna and Grant
13. Get comfortable with digital scrapbooking
14. Host a "Crafternoon" at our home 
15. Host my second annual "Book Exchange"
16. Finish Grant's baby book
17. Take Sienna back to the library (she loves it!!)
18. Go on more weekend walks and/or bike rides as a family at White Rock Lake
19. Have a family picnic
20. Take the kids to the Arboretum in the Spring
21. Take our annual Bluebonnet photos
22. Maybe find a space in our home to hang a collection of said bluebonnet photos
23. Pick out furniture that I LOVE for our new office
24. Print photos from the last few months and put in an album
25. Make a "Year in Review" album online
26. Send three cards/letters to friends for no reason
27. Order some fun new Spring stuff from bodenusa.com
28. Make Sunday morning pancakes for my family
29. Get new business cards
30. Start a daily quiet time/prayer time and stick with it!!
31. Drink more water
32. Eat more vegetables!!

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