Monday, December 01, 2008

weekend recap

Well, we had a lovely Thanksgiving in Mississippi.......I guess I forget sometimes how beautiful it really is there. One thing I really don't like about where we live, is the lack of trees. It just makes such a difference to wake up and look out your window and see beautiful, tall trees with amazing colors. On Thursday morning, we took the kids on a walk around Johnny's mom's neighborhood and had a little mini photo shoot.....both of our kiddos love nothing more than to be outside, so they had a blast!! Later, we drove to Jackson and had Thanksgiving dinner with John-John and Su-Su....wonderful food and lots and lots of fun, family time. We relaxed, watched Polar Express, had milkshakes, went shopping, played at the park and just enjoyed ourselves as much as possible. 
The ride back home was a little tough (6 hours in the car with 2 little ones was not exactly fun), but we were able to asleep in our own beds and wake up Sunday and start decorating!! So far, we have the tree up and about 1/2 the decorations. I am trying not to go crazy this year, because I find that I am really able to enjoy the decorations more when I am restrained and only put out what we really love.
I am excited to start my December Daily album I will be taking pictures throughout the day and then documenting it all tonight. I am also planning on making cards with Sienna and Grant tonight to send to the grandparents (we are going to try to do this for the 25 days leading up to Christmas).
Tonight at dinner, we are going to say a special prayer and have a special toast and then light a candle asking that we will have the wisdom to remember what this season is truly all about...that we will be present and grateful and giving and loving and enjoy every single moment!!
p.s. How cute is Grant in that Cowboy hat!! We stopped at a gas station on the way to Mississippi and when Sienna and I came back from the bathroom, we walked around the corner and there was Johnny holding Grant wearing that hat....we laughed so hard and of course, we had to buy it :)

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The Russell Family said...

Glad you had a good holiday!! Pics are GREAT!! :) Hugs


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